Waitomo Tours

Thermal Land Shuttle believes the only way to truly experience Waitomo, is to spend the whole day there!  We provide an easy and cost-effective full day option from and returning to Rotorua.  There are also some awesome sights on route which we would love to show you – come join us for a great day out!

Haggas Honking Holes Full Day Tour

This 4-hour caving expedition packs a lot! You’ll encounter abseils (often in waterfalls), rock climbs, unique limestone formations and get up close to glowworms while exploring this fantastic cave system. New Zealand’s famous glowworms make an appearance – see them up close & personal.

Blackwater rafting – TTT Full Day Tour

This ripper of a trip combines the best elements of blackwater rafting with walking, climbing, swimming and tubing through distinctive sections of the spectacular TumuTumu Cave. See awesome cave formations as well as one of the best Glowworm displays in New Zealand.

Lost World 4hr Full Day Tour

The abseil (rappel) descent takes around 20 minutes of the total 4 hours required. Abseil slowly alongside your instructor who although on a separate rope provides information, reassurance …and a backup safety tether.

Glow-worm and Cave Tour Full Day Tour

We know the only way to really enjoy Waitomo’s biggest and brightest glowworm show, is slowly. Rushing through will not do justice to such breath-taking spectacle. Take time to let your eyes adapt and you will be rewarded with the soft glow of many of thousands of glowworms.